Saturday, July 24, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

My hair looks great when I leave the salon, why can't I get it to look like that at home?

Your stylist can show you how to style it at home.
We use specific styling products to achieve your look. Consider taking home the recommended products so you can duplicate it.

What questions should I ask to address my expectations?

We appreciate an upfront discussion at the time of your appointment so that you are completely comfortable with your experience here.
During the consultation, which always precedes us starting, please feel free to speak about your concerns....
How often do I need to have my hair cut or colored to maintain this appearance?
How much time and money is involved?
What are the best ways to recreate this look at home?
What products work the best for my hair?

Or anything else that comes to mind.

What is the best way to communicate your styling and coloring preferences?

Pictures are still the best way to communicate your thoughts about changes in hair color, cut or texture.

For example, there are so many different shades of blonde that without a picture, you are relying on the professional's judgment to achieve your desired result. A picture removes the stress and guesswork from your salon experience.

What if I am a new client and want to try a few different stylists or colorists before deciding on one service provider?

We are very proud of the excellent, but diverse, talents of our team!

We welcome you to experience different members of our team to find the person that best suits your personal preferences and schedule.

Our front desk coordinators can make suggestions and provide information on each highly experienced salon professional on our staff. 


What happens if I am late for my reservation?

If you are running late for your appointment, please call us as soon as you become aware that you will not be on time.

We may need to reduce your treatment time in order to finish on time, so the next scheduled guest is not inconvenienced. Or depending on the schedule, it may be best to change days/times. There may be a fee involved for the missed appointment.

We will do everything possible to make the necessary adjustments.